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The MSL Difference


Focus on each child as unique


Quartz Watches If you ask family members raising any child to describe that child, you will likely find they each describe the child differently. hublot replica watches Even siblings from the same family are unique to themselves in their personalities and stages of development. This is a critical point for families to consider when looking for childcare, and a significant difference when comparing MSL International Children Center to other childcare centers in the area. Children are all different and unique in individual way.

The Difference—Individualized Child-Initiated Learning  

Your child’s style of learning is unique, and our individualized child-initiated learning curriculum and teaching philosophy tailors learning to each child rather than a “one size fits all” approach typical in childcare centers. MSL International Children Center provides developmentally appropriate activities that reflect your child’s learning style. By offering variety, and a staff trained to assess and hone in on your child’s developmental milestones, the learning process excels.

Hands-on experience


Is critical to your child’s development. Throughout our classroom there are “learning centers” which focus on different developmental activities, including dramatic play, library/language, sensory, science/math, large motor/manipulative and art. Your child chooses activities in any learning center that are of interest to her/him; your child freely uses the materials available in the center and becomes the architect of her/his own learning process. Our staff observe opportunities to elevate the learning process by introducing additional concepts to the learning center—when the time is right for your child.



Enhances and expands your child’s learning breitling avenger seawolf replica. Our learning center approach will encourage your son or daughter to interact with classmates and teachers, aiding in the creation of new ideas and new questions. The teachers circulate among the centers to augment the learning, ask and answer questions and provide additional opportunities for further exploration.

Your child initiates

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Where the learning begins depending on where he or she is developmentally. Individualized lesson plans allow us to provide skills and ideas composed around themes. These themes give each child a familiar point of reference upon which to build. As in life, skills and learning are not separate from the rest of our experiences. Our theme-based approach mimics life and allows your child to explore topics with all of his/her senses and intelligence. Movement Mastering his/her environment is critical for your child’s physical development. Activities are designed specifically to provide movement and physical development—integrating both the physical and intellectual experience.

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