Our curriculum is based on the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum. Learning Centers available to children daily include:

Art Language/Library Manipulative(fine motor) Science Blocks Dramatic Play ,Large Motor, Writing, Sensory Skills and concepts are introduced to the children through the use of learning centers. These centers are carefully planned with a wide range of skill ability levels to encourage children to expand on the knowledge they possess. Teachers in the classroom individualize the instruction each child receives. Learning centers focus on the basic developmental skills appropriate to the child’s developmental. Emergent literacy is strongly emphasized throughout the curriculum.


Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of MSL International Children Center is guided by the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Play based curriculum, emergent curriculum, constructivism, and developmentally appropriate practice are all terms that describe our program.



Literacy is fostered in our program by having children engage in symbolic communication in a functional way. Looking at picture books, matching pictures to print, telling and listening to stories and environments that are “print rich” are all literacy events in our early childhood programs.