History of MSL

It all started with one woman's envisioning ways to explore her passion of building an affordable and excellent day care facility in her city. The result was the emergence of the first of the MSL Group of Daycares.


Founded in 2008, MSL 1, located in Germantown, MD was Ms. Madhabi Sheth’s dream come true and her first step towards building a group of immaculate daycare facilities in Maryland.


MSL 1 soon builds up a reputation for providing excellent service with extensive curriculums and programs that received positive acclaim from the parents and the community. The positive feedback and growing number of kids enabled Ms. Sheth to open her second facility in 2009, also in Germantown, MD. MSL 1 received its NAEYC accreditation in 2010. With the help of dedicated staff and great team leaders MSL 1 met rigorous early childhood education standards and guidelines for high-quality care.


With immaculate facilities, exceptional staff and extensive programs the parents were confident that their child received the best care and education possible at MSL International Children Centers.


Some of the NAEYC accreditation program standards are:

      1. Relationships
      2. Curriculum
      3. Teaching
      4. Assessment of child’s progress
      5. Health
      6. Teachers
      7. Families
      8. Community
      9. Physical Environment
      10. Leadership

The program effectively implements policies, procedures and standards that support stable staff and strong personnel, fiscal, and program management, so all children, families, and staff have high quality experiences.  




The Curriculum: The program implements a curriculum that is consistent with its goals for children and promotes learning and development in each of the following areas: languages, physical, social health and safety and emotional.


We at MSL 1 and MSL 2 teach the Holistic Approach: which means the “whole child”.


We are also M.S.D.E. accredited Maryland State Department of Education.


We provide the children with nutritious meals three times per day.


Environment: Our environment is rich, healthy and safe.


MSL 1 and MSL 2 teach, develop mentally appropriate learning activities that are suitable for a child’s age, stage of development and interests.


Our program is a full day program. M.S.L. 1 opens at 6.30 am and closes at 6.00 pm while MSL 2 opens at 6.30 am and closes at 7.00 pm.


Parent Conferences:  We at M.S.L. One and Two conduct conferences which help teachers and families to feel more comfortable working together. It is also use as a time to set new goals for children and so plan with families how to meet the new goals.


Centers:  Centersare an important part of the learning environment for youngchildren. Children are able to choose the center they would like to work in each day. This choice gives them an opportunity to make decisions and work in areas that are interesting to them. Centers are small and generally allow four children to work together. In this small group children learn to share, take initiative and to value other children’s idea.


Tools and Materials:  In MSL 1 and MSL 2 our tools and materials are age appropriate so children can use them and be self-sufficient.


MSL explored new ventures in other parts of Maryland. In 2011 they took over two of Baltimore’s biggest child care facilities; complete restructured it, with extensive programs, elaborate decors and a healthy and competitive environment among staff and children alike, MSL 3 and MSL 4 were on board to follow in the successful footsteps of MSL 1 and MSL 2.  The centers are conveniently near Reisterstown Road and Owings Mills’ subway station. A few minutes from I-795.  With a team of passionate and dedicated teachers MSL 3 and MSL 4 were soon to receive similar acclaims.


MSL 3 opens at 6.30 am and MSL 4 opens at 7.00 am; both centers close at 6:30 pm.




Each center is licensed by Maryland State Department of Education and staffed with certified and degreed teachers dedicated to your child’s care and education.  The location on Pleasant Ridge also offers a non-public kindergarten for children with future plans of expanding to 1st grade level as well. The MSL curriculum is diverse and developmentally appropriate for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years and has been approved by NAEYC to be used in our Germantown centers.  Each center provides Before and After care for School Age children as well as transportation to and from selected area elementary schools.


MSL International Children Center offers morning and afternoon snacks and a full nutritious lunch each day.  MSL Three and Four offer a rich learning environment for the children to “empower our children each moment and every day.”

Each center provides parents with peace of mind while they are at work with in-house video surveillance in each classroom and a secure entry system for the families.  Our “open door” policy encourages parents to visit their child at any time.


MSL prides in providing exceptional child care with competitive prices. We hope you will give us a chance to serve you in the future.