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MSL International Children Center promotes the development of responsible, independent, intelligent, creative, life-long learners who effect meaningful change. Making each child leaders for tomorrow ready for the diverse world.

MSL International Children Center is dedicated to providing a learning and nurturing environment that supports the development of each child. Our goal is to provide appropriate activities to develop each child socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically and cognitively through child and teacher guided exploration. Our program follows accreditation standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) – a widely recognized mark of high-quality for Preschool and School age child care centers.


  • Nurture the development of intellect, character.
  • Foster critical and creative thinking.
  • Promotes passions, talents , strengths and abilities.
  • Promotes self awareness, self confidence, leadership and personal power.
  • Engage in learning outside the school via fieldwork, research and extended trips.
  • Collaborate, negotiate, and problem solve.
  • Create a climate of respect for diversity, mutual trust, and personal and social responsibility.
  • Acquire the tools of inquiry and expression through the study of ideas.
  • Construct a personally meaningful understanding of the world.
  • Promote physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Provide a collaborative relationship wherein parents are recognized as partners in their child’s education.



MSL International Children center has embraced the principles of progressive education . Our program nurtures children’s development, encourages respect for others, and fosters students’ ability to observe, question, evaluate, and make decisions.

At MSL, our values address the world’s abiding need for compassion, community, responsibility, and independent thought. We celebrate both individuality and diversity, cultivating understanding of various backgrounds and viewpoints. We design and foster generous time outdoors engage students with the environment, reflecting our respect for the natural world.

At MSL, teaching addresses children’s development and responds to individual strengths, interests, and learning styles. Teachers design curriculum that motivates students to explore ideas and materials, take risks, think independently, and build their own knowledge. A variety of approaches to assessment, including observation by skilled and experienced teachers, allows evaluation of student progress from multiple perspectives.

At MSL International, learning nurtures not only cognitive development, but social, emotional, physical, and creative growth as well. Learning is purposeful, engaging students in analysis, communication, and collaboration. Our students thrive in an atmosphere of academic challenge, in which they solve problems, become informed and involved citizens, and act for the greater good.

At MSL International, our organizational structure serves as a model for the democratic principles of our community. Staff, parents, guardians, and trustees are voting members of the School, which is a nonprofit corporation. We involve parents as partners in our students’ education, and invite families to contribute their talents, resources and points of view in support of our mission.

MSL International offers a variety of after-school programs. For families requiring after-school child care, our on-site Extended Day Program operates daily from the end of the school day until 6:00 /7:00pm. Our After-School Enrichment Program offers a variety of activities for all students in grades one through fifth.

The value of helping others and of making meaningful contributions both within our school and to a the world beyond is our community. On all grade levels, students work with teachers and parents to provide services that acknowledge and support the needs of others.

We also have a fun-filled and active Summer Program that entertains children of Preschool age and also children 5years through 13 years of age. Field trips to different thematic destinations . Swimming and hands on arts and crafts are some of the fun things that include our School age Summer camp Program.

We also offer Winter and Spring Break Camps.